Enjay Synapse is a next generation IP PBX which offers developer friendly API so that software developers can integrate their apps with telephony in no time, which is much easier, efficient and economical than TAPI.

Its based on latest concepts of Web-API and not age old TAPI interface, which was developed in 1993. Also the developers and programmers of today’s age are more conversant with Web-APIs rather than age old TAPI. And above all, Tapi is complicated to program.

There are many EPABX, which claim to have CTI with the help of TAPI. But eventually it becomes costlier because of programming costs and burden of maintaining legacy codes.

Why Synapse API is better than TAPI for Telephony Integration:

Here we try to list out main 5 reasons why you should select Enjay Synapse API over TAPI.

  1. TAPI is an old and out dated technology.
    As stated above TAPI was developed n 1993, may be before most of the programmers today were born even. Also TAPI is based on old technology and protocols, which makes it extremely difficult to program, as compared to easy to use Web-APIs.
  2. TAPI does not provide IVR / Call recording (or logger) facility.
    TAPI out of the box does not provide IVR or call recording facilities which Synapse provides. In other words, if you use
  3. Limited extensions.
    Generally when EPABX provides TAPI interface it does not allow to control and manage all the Extensions and every functionality of EPABX, where as Synapse allows you to manage every functionality of Synapse IPPBX.
  4. Costly.
    There are two factors to cost of TAPI, first is the license cost which is charged by EPABX manufacturers. Secondly the cost of legacy programming is always high. Thus TAPI interface with EPABX although it may sound economical actually turns out to be much more costlier.
    Also TAPI is developed for windows, which means you will have to incur windows licensing as well, Where as Enjay Synapse is based on open source technologies.
  5. Dependency on 3rd party vendor
    Most of the EPABX vendors provide TAPI interface developed by some third party developer, Which means that EPABX vendor himself is not able to support and customise the Interface if required. Further TAPI is always dependent on the EPABX vendors implementation, which may be different from vendor to vendor. Where as Synapse is developed by Enjay and Synapse API is also developed by Enjay. Thus giving assurance to any developers that he will get support always.

Imagine learning only 5 commands of Web-API provided by Synapse versus learning the concepts of TAPI, and then hundreds commands of TAPI interface, that too developed by some third party vendor. No doubt smart programmers of today’s generation are selecting Synapse API over TAPI.

AND, with more than 250 success stories of Synapse API implementations there is no need of discussing reliability, stability and scalability.

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