Enjay VLX Pro

Smaller, Faster, Better

The Most Powerful Ultra Small Thin Client

Powered by an Atom Quad core processor and the popular Tornado OS, this thin client improves your office space in more ways than you can imagine.

Proton is more than enough for the IT needs of all modern businesses. It comes with Intel-based hardware (2GB RAM and 32GB Flash), two USB and a VGA port. It’s 100% compatible with Windows 8.x and runs all your apps (including HD videos) without breaking into a sweat. Combined with Enjay’s Tornado Linux OS, it takes performance, stability and security of your data and infrastructure to a whole different level. We also offer technical  support to make your existing apps work seamlessly on the Linux OS.

Proton works on an array of protocols like RDP, ICA, VNC, VDI, and more. Thus, it can support any network regardless of number of systems running.

Key Features

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