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5 Compelling Reasons to Use Enjay’s Thin Client Products


Since 1999, we have enabled businesses across India to increase their efficiency through our Thin Client Solutions.


We have served over 3,500 delighted customers with reliable Thin Clients that integrated seamlessly with their devices.

Aligned with Your Goals

Before proposing the right solution, our team of experts understands your business needs to help you achieve your business goals.

Quality Assurance

Our Thin Client Products and Services come with a warranty of up to 5 years. That's how sure we are of the quality that our products offer.

Dedicated Technical Support

Our expert technical support team will respond to your concerns within 3 minutes. We also provide speedy email support beyond office hours.



Convert your old PC into a thin client powered by the Tornado Linux OS.

Enjay VLX Plus

Economical plug & play thin client to improve efficiency of small enterprises.

Enjay VLX Pro

The most powerful ultra small sized thin client that you will need.

Enjay Impression

Intel-Based Hardware with Atom Dual Core processor and Tornado Linux OS.

Tornado OS

The most secure and high performing OS for Intel-Based Thin Clients

Our Pricing

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  • Configuration Details of thin client
  • Wifi Network Connectivity
  • Warranty
  • Power consumption
  • Protocol Supported
  • SAP / Skype Integration
  • Local Apps
  • VDI Client Support
  • Citrix Ready
  • Ram Expandable
  • Printer Support
  • Scanner Support
  • MAX Clients supported
  • Local OS Options


Universal Thin Client converter for any PC

Enjay VLX Plus

Ultra Small size Zero thin client,
can connect to any RDP Server

Enjay VLX Pro

Ultra Small size powerful thin Client
and Mini PC

Enjay Impression

Small size expandable powerful thin client and Mini PC


Configuration Details of thin client8 GB Flash (or can be installed on HDD also)
Warranty3 Year
Wifi Network ConnectivityYes
Power consumption110 watts
Protocol SupportedRDP, ICA, VNC, VDI etc
SAP / Skype IntegrationOptional
Local AppsYes
Power ConsumptionPC Power Consumption
VDI Client SupportOptional
Citrix ReadyOptional
Ram ExpandableYes
Printer SupportYes
Scanner SupportYes
MAX Clients supportedNo limit (Since RDP)
Local OS OptionsTornado


Configuration Details of thin clientDual Core 1.2 GHz, 512 ram / 2GB Sata Flash
Wifi Network ConnectivityNo
Warranty1 Year
Power consumption4 watts
Protocol SupportedRDP Only
Use as individual PCNo
Local AppsNo
Can play local Video?No
Laptop HDD SupportYes
Tiguin Server SupportYes
Ram ExpandableNo
Printer SupportNo
Scanner SupportNo
MAX Clients supportedNo limit (Since RDP)
Local OS OptionsWinCE, Linux


Configuration Details of thin client Cortex-A9 Dual Core 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM / 4 GB MSata Flash
Wifi Network Connectivity Optional
Warranty 3 Year
Power consumption 4 watts
Protocol Supported RDP, ICA, VNC, VDI etc
Use as individual PC Yes
Local Apps Yes
Can play local Video? Yes (HD)
Laptop HDD Support Yes
Tiguin Server Support Yes
Ram Expandable No
Printer Support Yes
Scanner Support Yes
MAX Clients supported No limit (Since RDP)
Local OS Options Tiguin, Tornado or Windows 8


Configuration Details of thin clientAtom Dual Core 2 GB Ram / 16 Gb Flash
Wifi Network ConnectivityOptional
Warranty3 Year
Power consumption20 watts
Protocol SupportedRDP, ICA, VNC, VDI etc
Use as individual PCYes
Local AppsYes
Can play local Video?Yes (HD)
VDI Client SupportOptional
Citrix ReadyOptional
Ram ExpandableYes
Printer SupportYes
Scanner SupportYes
MAX Clients supportedNo limit (Since RDP)
Local OS OptionsTiguin, Tornado or Windows 8


"Enjay is perfect option to provide a limited access to end user. This would take away the technical demands of end user and provide simple, reliable computers so that they can focus on integrating technology effectively into the office. Excellent support - Knowledgeable, helpful and quickly understand"
Milind Patil
Systems Administrator, Jupiter Hospital
"I have just had a very pleasant and helpful experience with your Support Services, 10/10 for manners, assistance, patience & knowledge on the product. Keep up the great work and we are happy to be a EnjayWorld Services."
Lathin K.U
IT Head, Olive Health Care Daman
"Our organization is using your thin client since last 8 years. We are fully satisfied with your product performance and your customer support system. Our work performance has improved after the installation of your thin client."
Koushik Pal
IT Department, Goel TMT
"We are using your Thin Client for more than 7 years. We are Very much satisfied with Quality / performance. Mainly this box used for Voice Solution and quality of voice is very good, which which other TCs in market unable to match. Specially would like to mentioned post sales service support from Enjay team is really good."
Ranjan Pujari
EDP Manager, Chowgule Industries

 *For an organization using 10 systems and above.

#Tested on a company which had 15 machines.

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