Main benefits of Enjay Tornado as a Thin Client Software

Enjay Tornado can be used in any kind of business application and any kind of environment. It can connect to most of the servers available in the market like RDP, Microsoft or Linux, Virtualised Servers of VDI environment. The most beautiful part is that Tornado can also be customised if required. 

  • Speed & Ease

    Boots up in less than 40 seconds, Minimalistic and intuitive User Interface for Zero Training and idiot proofing.

  • Manageability

    Online/offline Patch Management, Control USB Ports, Error Logs reporting for easy troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • Servers/protocols

    RDP, Remote FX, XDMCP, PN Agent, VNC, REXEC, PPTP VPN & SAP Client

  • Local Apps

    Firefox / Chrome Browsers, office Suite, PDF Reader, Multimedia Player, Softphone for VOIP,

  • Networking

    CDMA/3G Dongles, USB wifi, Lan, Dialup networking, dual IP for connecting to two servers and failover management

  • Customisation

    Any other Java / Native Linux based app, or Custom Browser extentions can be embedded on request. (Optional)

  • Virtualisation

    Citrix Receiver, VWWare View Client, 2X Client, NX Client, Ericom Blaze etc.,

  • Device Support

    Most of Parallel, USB printers and scanners supported. Server/Client based Printing & Sharing

Why Choose Enjay Tornado as Thin Client OS

Why Select Enjay Tornado over Windows CE for Thin Client Software

Nowadays there are many low-cost Thin Clients available in the market which are powered by outdated Windows CE software. Here is the list of reasons why you should choose Enjay Tornado to run your Thin Client Applications. 

  • Printer and devices support. 
  • Legal OS (most of CE devices available in India, might not have a license. 
  • Flexibility for more Thin Client Applications. 
  • More connectivity options. 
  • Longer usable life. 

Enjay Tornado v/s Windows Embedded as Thin Client OS

The biggest reason for selecting Windows Embedded is that it supports Windows applications. However, if the quantity is substantial, we can embed Windows Applications in Enjay Tornado also. Here are few reasons to choose Enjay Tornado OS over Windows Embedded. 

  • Cost-benefit - Windows embedded is much costlier. 
  • Customisation cost is much lower.
  • Much higher security against Virus and Ransomware.
  • We can customise it to run Windows Apps, for an extra charge. 

Thin Client Application Support in Enjay Tornado Thin Client OS

The biggest benefit of Enjay Tornado OS is the support for various Local Thin Client Applications, right into the OS. These Local Apps can run without the server also, that is offline productivity without the remote desktop is not hampered. 

While there are many applications which are default installed in the OS, there are many applications which are optional, available on request. Also, Enjay Tornado OS can be customised to support Any Custom application also. 

Builtin Apps

  • Enjay Connection Manager - (RDP Connections)

  • WPS Office Suite

  • Firefox / Chromium Browser

  • Citrix Client

  • Twinkle (Soft Phone)

  • File Manager & Putty

  • Leafpad (Notepad like application)

  • SAP Client

  • VLC Player

  • Scanning Utility

  • Remote Monitoring utility

Additional Apps

  • 2X Client

  • VM-View

  • Cheez Webcam

  • Dual Display Support

  • Wallpaper Change

  • Presentation & Draw

  • Teamviewer Client

  • Calculator

  • Hostname Change

  • Screen Rotation

  • XDMCP Support (Remote XDMCP Sessions)

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