Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Billing

    Billing cycle is Quarterly with advance payments

  2. Availability

    Service available in India only (since servers are in India), starting overseas shortly

  3. Backup

    We backup your Tally and Data every twenty four hours to hour Remote DR site

  4. Data Management

    Web interface for you to manage Tally, License, Data backup/restore, TDL etc.

  5. Instant Scalable

    Extra Compute available on request. Takes 4 hours max to increase / decrease your configuration

  1. User Management

    Web interface to manage users for your company.

  2. Speed

    Your Tally and data is stored on fault tolerant SAN made up of Superfast SAS Hard disks

  3. Licensing

    Works on Bring your own License, we just provide compute and Publish Tally using Tiguin OS Platform


    No additional CAL/TSCAL required as it works on our own Tiguin Linux OS

  5. Restrict Access

    Restrict access from particular IPs, to increase security level.

  1. Branch Licensing

    You may use one license for multiple branches

  2. Data Safety

    Your data is absolutely safe and private. Cannot be accessed without your permission

  3. Standard Protocol

    Works on regular RDP protocol, makes it Industry standard

  4. More Secure

    We publish only Tally and not entire desktop, makes it more secure.

  5. Third Party Integrations

    Secured option to connect to your third party apps (eg ERP / CRM)

  1. Web Management

    All management of your instance is done by you using Web Interface

  2. Local Printing

    Printing to local printer is possible using our Cloud Client.

  3. Tally Export

    Export from Tally and saving to local PC is possible using our Cloud client

  4. TDL Customisation

    You can upload and configure your own TDL files and any other customisation

  5. All Versions of Tally

    All versions of Tally can run on Enjay Tally Cloud

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