The Cricket Club of India uses Enjay Tiguin to save on Licensing Costs

  The Cricket Club of India (CCI) is a private club incorporated on 8th November, 1933, with an objective to promote cricket and other sports in the country. Its contributions to sports and cricket in particular, have given it a … Read More

11 Reasons to choose Enjay Tiguin Linux over other Linux Distributions

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Migrating your Apps from Windows to Linux

Almost any windows application can be migrated to Enjay Tiguin Linux OS. However all of us have to consider the concept of “Return on Efforts” for all of us. So if number of users for particular users are less, then … Read More

11 reasons to switch to Linux [Presentation]

Everybody we know, is scared of Software Licensing compliance issues. Though Licensing cost is the main issue, its not only reason to switch to Linux. Here we give you 11 reasons to switch over to Linux, using Enjay Tiguin OS. … Read More

Enhira softwares is using Enjay Tiguin Linux to run their Desktops

Mumbai based Enhira Softwares Pvt Ltd is A leading service provider of offshore imaging, data processing and software development services, providing low cost data processing services to service bureaus in USA for whom they  process different types of documents like HCFA … Read More

Enjay announces Linux Training Programs for End users and Admins

Enjay Tiguin OS (A Linux variants which can run Tally on Linux and other windows software on Linux), has been picking up very encouragingly. Many of our customers also migrate from MS Office to King soft Office, (which is bundled … Read More

Does Tally runs faster on Linux

It is always argued that Tally is a windows software and it does not run as smooth as it runs on Windows OS. However with the new version of Enjay Tiguin Application Server, Scheduled to be released next Tuesday 23rd, … Read More

Six ways to run Windows software on Linux

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Linux Myths

Although Linux has been around for many many years now, but still there are lots of doubts & Myths about Linux. We need to understand Linux myths in detail. Also, these same are reasons as well as cause for limited popularity of … Read More

why linux is not used more widely

We all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still its not popular. Question is why linux is not used more widely ? Many people know about Linux, they also praise Linux, but they don’t want to use … Read More