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Why Synapse API is better than TAPI for Telephony Integration

  Enjay Synapse is a next generation IP PBX which offers developer friendly API so that software developers can integrate their apps with telephony in no time, which is much easier, efficient and economical than TAPI. Its based on latest … Read More

Seven 7STAR Enjay Partners of the Month

As we have seven colours in rainbow and seven wonders in the world, Enjay also has 7 Solutions. Also, we believe that all our partners are not 5STAR, actually they are 7STAR Partners of Enjay providing 7STAR service for Enjay’s Solutions. … Read More

POC – Proof of Concept – is it really required?

Many times customers ask for Demo or POC (Proof of concept) and dealers provide that. We need to ask ourselves POC – Proof of Concept – is it really required? It may be relevant in some cases, but in most … Read More

Importance of Service Catalogue

There is always a bone of contention when something is not defined. When system integrators blame customer for short-changing service provider, they conveniently forget their own limited communication in the urgency to close the order. The customer is probably not … Read More

Selecting a Proper CRM Vendor

If you do a google on this subject, you will get lots of advice on what to see in the CRM Vendor before finalising the deal. However there is one thing that is often ignored.Of the tips that we get … Read More

crm implementation best practices part 1 – Two Approaches.

This is first article in the series of “CRM implementation best practices”. When a Small Company (or typically a startup) thinks on implementing CRM (or any kind of business automation system), there is always a dilemma – where to start with? Once the … Read More