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Now Linux in School is a reality. A school in Surat, Gujarat migrates to Linux OS. They wanted Linux OS, which can run all the software which were prescribed by Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB)

Vidyakunj School, in surat ( has been using Enjay Tiguin OS for all  25 PCs in their computer Lab. Enjay Tiguin application server which acts as an Application Server provides all the software applications that are required by GSEB (Gujarat State Education Board). They are also Run windows software on linux in some PCs

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Setup Details

Initially School was using Windows 2003 server as application server with Terminal services, and all client PCs as thin Client. Frequent problem was downtime and virus related issues. As students use the system. Software prescribed by GSEB include Open office , scite c,  Pencil, Synfig studio, Terminal window command, Kompozer, Scite HTML , Scite Java and Java script – This is for standard 9 to 12. Best part is that server is meagre i3 PC with 4GB ram, and we are supporting 30 users with that server. Which means that Enjay Tiguin OS is highly efficient in managing resources.

Partner Speak

KETAN B PATEL PHOTOMr. Ketan Patel, Owner of Shree Sai Computer, who implemented the Entire setup there shares his views “We are very happy that all the software needed by GSEB are able to run on Enjay Tiguin OS. Cost saving was not the main purpose, but we are very happy that all the required software are able to run on the Tiguin OS. Ability to run windows software on Linux is also very useful and interesting.”

“We are  using 25 Enjay ThinClients to connect to Enjay Tiguin Application server, on RDP protocol” Adds Mr. Patel.

Challenges Faced & solved

Mr. Patel added “There were almost no challenges while deploying Enjay Tiguin, and any configuration settings if required, were provided by Enjay’s Support Team within 24 hours”

Mr. Ketan Patel can be contacted at ketanjigna[at]

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  1. Jignesh Jani

    Respected sir ,
    as far as consult rdp is good but network is developed in pxe base or Ethernet boot ROM base how we can implemented with existing software or network
    thanking you
    jignesh jani

    • Limesh Parekh

      even if its based on PXE, you can point the clients to Tiguin application Server, it will provide RDP, no issues. Just keep your PXE server separately. Don’t try to mix up technologies, if you are new to Tiguin. Don’t make tiguin act as a PXE server also.

      please contact our Support Team for more details

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