sugarcrm integration with tally
sugarcrm integration with tally

Sugarcrm integration with Tally has always been a hot requirement.

Tally is one of the most used Accounting Solution in the SME segment & SugarCRM is the most used CRM Solution in the market. Tally handles finance and inventory very well but does not have CRM functionalities, SugarCRM handles but does not handle inventory and finance. It would be great if both these software could talk to each other.

We have already done this, We have created a Custom module for SugarCRM and an add-on (TDL) for Tally which talk to each other and make this possible. The most beautiful part is that this is customisable by the user also.  It works perfectly well with almost all versions/editions of SugarCRM and all variants of Tally 9.

SugarCRM integration with Tally – Real time Process

  1. We give a small check box on the Account module “Export to Tally”, if checked this account is synced with Tally with all the details it already has.
  2. When ever a new inventory item is to be created, it will be created in CRM first and then “Synced” with Tally same as above.
  3. Sales process is handled in CRM till closure of the order, so once you mark the quote/opportunity as “closed won” in CRM, it is automatically entered into Tally as a Sales order.

SugarCRM integration with Tally – Realtime info / analysis

  1. On each Account module detailed view, there are few details which are fetched from Tally viz:
    1. Balance
    2. Bill by Bill Balance
    3. Yearly ledger (click for details).
    4. All time ledger (click for details).
  2. All these details have a “refresh” button near them, so by default they will show last update from tally, but if you hit refresh, it will fetch real time information from Tally and show you
  3. Same is also provided for Stock items, with or without stock serial numbers.


  1. No need to leave the CRM screen while attending the customer call.
  2. Duplication of work is avoided completely.
  3. Complete information about one particular client – from one single point.
  4. Works in standard SugarCRM reports module also.

Visit this link for more information and request a demo.

Note: Since Enjay CRM is based on SugarCRM, all these facilities are available on Enjay CRM also.

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