Track Emails and Make your CRM Emails more effective with Sugar CRM Sendgrid Email Integration

Next Generation Email system for Sugar CRM platform. Know what happens to your Email. Get alerts when recipients open or clicks Email. (or does not open Email). Scheduled Email, Bulk Email, Workflow based Email automation.

A perfect Email Add-on for CRM

Email Tracking, Scheduling, Group Email, Bulk Email, Delivery and Open reports and many more features

Perfect Email Client for Mobile CRM

We understand that you spend more time on Mobile than on your PC. So we created an Email framework which works on Mobile as well. No, it's not a miniature version of the Web App. It is as powerful as the web version. Email Templates, Scheduled Emails, Notifications, Rich Email Editor, Everything that will make you more efficient and more productive.

You click on any email ID in any module and Enjay OutMails is activated, select a template (allows variables also), and send or schedule email. Simple. Get notified on Mobile when someone opens (or does not open) your emails.

Get notified on Mobile when someone opens (or does not open) your emails.

Enjay OutMail on Mobile

Highlights of Enjay OutMail for Mobile

Enjay Latitude, Enjay's CRM Mobile app for Sugar CRM, Suite CRM,  and Enjay CRM supports Enjay OutMail fully. Enjay OutMail on Mobile increases your productivity. It's like a force multiplier for a Sales Person. 

See Enjay OutMail in Action

Bulk Emailing from Enjay OutMail

Easy Bulk Mailing.

Sending bulk mailing can be a great feature, but if there is no proper segmentation and categorization, then Bulk mailing becomes spamming and very annoying. Enjay OutMail uses

Enjay OutMail uses the concept of Tag to segment your existing CRM database. Tags can be applied individually to each record or can be done in bulk using Mass Update from the list view.

Once segments are ready using tags, just use "Compose Box" to create an Email (or use prebuilt Templates) and instead of selecting individual persons, select Tags. If you choose more than one Tags, the system is intelligent enough to remove duplicates automatically.

You may send email to thousands of persons in one step. Enjay OutMail sends all the emails individually and also tracks all Emails separately. So you get the notification for every recipient separately.

How does it work?

Enjay OutMails is a Sendgrid Email Integration for Sugar CRM, using Sendgrid API. It also means that you need a valid and active SendGrid Account for Enjay OutMail to work. Enjay OutMail communicates with Sendgrid over API and not regular SMTP, thus giving it speed and agility. 

See Enjay OutMail in Action

Some Great Features to revolutionize Email for CRM

Enjay OutMails completely changes the way we see Email mechanism in modern CRM system. It gives every functionality you can think of. Here is a complete and comprehensive list of features available in Enjay OutMail. 


F.A.Q. for Enjay OutMail

If you have anything else, just visit our Support Portal

  1. Does this require Paid Sendgrid Account?

    Yes, Enjay OutMail uses Sendgrid as an Emailing Service for sending Emails.

  2. Which Plan of Sendgrid do I require?

    Basic Plan.

  3. Does it require a separate Sendgrid account for every user?

    No. Only one sendgrid account is required per CRM instances.

  1. Does it support any other Service other than SendGrid?

    No, Currently Enjay OutMail works with Sendgrid Service only. In future , we will add other Email Service Providers also including Google and Mandril

  2. How many Emails can I send per month using Enjay OutMails?

    There is no limit in Enjay OutMails. You just need to buy as many credits from Sendgrid though.

  3. Does it track incoming emails also?

    Currently no. Future releases will have Gmail’s API integration to handle incoming mails also.

  1. What if someone impersonates Me?

    If someone tries sending email from your name. You are obviously going to get a copy of that email in your Inbox. Also there is a footer line in that email which explains which user from which CRM instance (and URL) had sent that email.

  2. Can I have multiple email domains?

    Yes, You define authorised Sending (email) domains in the admin area. Users can use that.

  3. What happens when someone replies to those emails?

    The reply will land in your regular Inbox. Since the copy of OutMail is also there in your Inbox, it will make a (thread) conversation there.