SME Sugar CRM Success Tips #4 Start with Business needs not CRM Features.

Its said that, “You can’t put cart before horse” but people don’t behave like that. When ever we change anything, we need to plan it. Atleast we should know exactly why we want to have that change. Then only we can think of ROE (Return on Efforts).

I have seen many clients during last 8 years, who have not prepared Business requirement list, stating reason why they need CRM. They rely on list of CRM features to decide their requirements. This is wrong approach.


Once you know “Why” you need CRM, and “What” are you expecting out of it, CRM software can tell you “How” you can get it.

(Please note that other articles in this series are available here. Further all the articles written here are more relevant to small businesses)


One of the main reasons for failed CRM implementation is lack of planning.

Simple and plain reason for doing this is that they have not done planning for their current processes, future plans and shortfalls. They just want to go for CRM because:

  • Someone from their close circles just implemented CRM and was very positive about that.
  • They think that what ever is the problem in organisation, software can solve it.

As a result, CRM implementation is not given proper importance and momentum, and eventually it fails. Then the entire blame is on software, ‘Because it did not implement itself”. Also when you don’t know benefit of CRM, you always feel that CRM is very costly.


Use 80-20 concept. Figure out that 20% which if changed will give you 80% results.

However, If we do atleast basic planning correctly, then the outcome will be fantastic. Here are few tips:

  1. Try to figure out atleast 5 outcomes that you wish to see when you implement CRM.
  2. There can always be fine tuning and enhancement of your plans once you see features of CRM, But you should be ready with basic needs.
  3. Never give that planning work to your juniors. They have their own visions which might not be same as yours.
  4.  Try to prioritise your goals. In all situations there is always that 20% which, if changed, can give us 80% results.
  5. It is not necessary to implement entire CRM at once, Deciding to go in a phased manner is much better idea.
  6. You also need to have detailed processes documentation wherever possible, that will help you to identify loop holes.
  7. Don’t try to solve HR (and discipline) problems with CRM software, it won’t. If people are not reporting without CRM, they will not report even with CRM.

It is also possible to involve the CRM vendor to do the need analysis for you. It would be costly, but worth it. At Enjay, we can help you do that too, after all we have already implemented CRM in more than 350 businesses.

How can Enjay Help?

Enjay can help you implement Sugar CRM or customise Sugar CRM and even provide Admin / user training to your users. BTW, we also make lots of ready to use Add-ons for Sugar CRM.

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