SME Sugar CRM Success Tips #3 Your IT Head is not your CRM Admin

Many first timers think of CRM as just another software to be “installed” in their company. Since all the software are installed by their IT Head, they allocate this task to IT Head (or EDP or System Administrator or IT Manager or any other designation they might call it). This is perfect recipe for failure.

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This myth might be because we call them “computer engineers” – all hardware, networking, software and analysts all are called as “computer engineers”. This is a big myth. All Computer Engineers are not same.

In larger organisations there is CIO, who has much larger role and perspective as compared to IT Admin in SME companies. CIO is kind of mixture of technology and functional role. So if your IT Admin understands your organisation in detail, then he can handle it.

For successfully implementing and driving CRM, you don’t need a Engineer, you need a manager. A functional manager who knows and understands your business, who has authority to drive and command everybody in the organisation for the change that CRM is going to bring in.

IT Admin is required for following things:

  • How much CPU/RAM/HDD required i.e. understanding and implementing resources requirements.
  • To understand whether Networking and desktops will require any upgradation.
  • Designing and implementing Information Security policies.

However we will require a functional manager to implement and drive CRM initiative in the organisation. IT Admin might not be able to handle Following functions which need to be performed by CRM incharge:

  • Design policies and process on which CRM software will be designed and configured and customised.
  • Design and implement reporting structure according to KPI of each individual and team leader.
  • Train the team members and make sure that they make proper entries and check proper reports at proper times.
  • In case someone is not able to get what is supposed from CRM, help him understand the issue, If that issue requires some modifications in CRM, then go to CRM developer team and get it implemented accordingly.
  • Do a regular Data Quality Maintenance, because dirty data is useless data. For CRM to be effective you should be able to reply on data and reports that are given by CRM.

I am sure now it is clear about who should CRM incharge or CRM Admin to drive your CRM.

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