CRM vendorsIf you do a google on this subject, you will get lots of advice on what to see in the CRM Vendor before finalising the deal. However there is one thing that is often ignored.Of the tips that we get on the websites are like:

  • Size and number of Projects implemented.
  • Team Size.
  • Competency of the team members.
  • Track record of implementations.
  • Best pricing, payment options etc.
  • Onsite  or On Demand solutions offered
  • so on and so on . . .
However, we have successfully implemented CRM for many of our clients, where we were not the first vendor, which means they had tried other CRM tools or vendors and they had failed to get the ball rolling.
Question is very relevant, What makes Enjay different ?
Then we started the survey with all previous vendors of our those clients. We found something very interesting – all those vendors were not using CRM for their own businesses. They had their own reasons for the same, but the fact remains that they did not use CRM for managing their own Sales / Support Activities.
Enjay has been religiously using CRM since 2007 – since when Enjay was a 7 member team. We have been using CRM that we many years in house, then we helped some our friends in the Industry to implement it in their own companies. Finally we thought of making a product out of it, and offering to all our clients.
Using our own product in our own company, day in and day out makes us aware of smallest of the smallest details. It can be easy and fast data entry to detailed understanding of Process Mapping or insight and innovative reporting which helps in effective decision making.
Thus only one criteria which is most important is that the company which is not run by systems, cannot sell you system.
Now, if you are Solution Provider, same applies to you also. You first need to show confidence that business can be system driven, then only Client will trust.

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