Seven 7STAR Enjay Partners of the Month

As we have seven colours in rainbow and seven wonders in the world, Enjay also has 7 Solutions. Also, we believe that all our partners are not 5STAR, actually they are 7STAR Partners of Enjay providing 7STAR service for Enjay’s Solutions.

We want to highlight the work done by these 7STAR partners, hence We have come up with “Seven Star Enjay Partner” program. Seven selected case studies every month. Seven “7 Star” Partners every month. Seven prizes every month. The highlights of this program are as follows:

  1. 7 Solutions, 7 stories We have created 7 categories of solutions, in which we will be publishing best success stories received from our partners.
    1. Enjay CRM
    2. Enjay Synapse
    3. Enjay Storage
    4. Enjay Thin Client
    5. Enjay Tally Cloud
    6. Enjay Tiguin
    7. Enjay Ensight
  2. 7 Stories per month We will filter out best cases studies and success stories and publish them on our “Case Studies” Section on our website. Every month out of several stories that we receive, we will select the best Customer Success Story based on various criteria like:
    1. Completeness of the case study.
    2. Size and importance of installation.
    3. Benefit / advantage to the customer.
    4. Size and reputation of the end user.
  3. Submit case study These case studies will be submitted by partners, in the format which will be provided to them. Enjay’s Team will do the final editing and copywriting work and then publish the same “Success Story”
  4. Social Media Enjay will also publicise the story and partners role in the same on Social Media and other Public Media wherever possible. This gets great mileage for the partners. They can use this as stepping stone to get more business.
  5. JBL BT SPKR every Month The partners whose stories get published will receive 7STAR Enjay Partner Certificate along with a high end JBL Flip 2 wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Also the most importantly the case study will be highlighted on Enjay’s Website in “Case Studies” Section.
  6. iPad every Quarter If a partner gets his story in any of the sections 3 times in a quarter he gets an iPad Mini. That need not be in the same category, it can be in different product categories also.
  7. iPhone 6 every Year If a Partner gets his story at least 12 times in any of the section, then he gets an iPhone6-16 gb.

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