Satyameva Jayate School, Ahmedabad

Satyameva Jayate School Ahmedabad, is one of the best CBSE schools in Bopal Area in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They run the syllabus as prescribed by CBSE board, which is incidentally independent of any OS. Hence they decided to migrate to Linux environment, So that they can run all their prescribed software and at the same time, also save on licensing costs.

School has a strong philosophy of nurturing their children with best of the best. Hence they choose to use Open Source technologies, so that students don’t get blind folded by one particular brand – but understand the technology in detail.

Solution Highlights:

  • They were previously running everything on Individual PCs as desktops. which required installing and maintaining all the PCs individually.
  • Also the cost of Anti-Virus, maintenance and licensing is very high. 
  • They wanted centralised controlled and low cost solution.
  • One Tiguin Application Server is deployed, where all the required software applications are installed, and then all other desktops connect to this Tiguin Application Server using RDP protocol.
  • Students sit on the desktop PCs, but don’t use it, instead they log directly to RDP session from the Tiguin Application Server, which provides a very secured and reliable computing.
  • Desktop PCs have mixed Operating System environments like windows XP, 7 or even 8, all of them connect to Enjay Tiguin Application Server, using RDP protocol

Client Speaks

Mr. Ranjeet Kumar, who is IT Head in the school is very happy that his students are getting exposed to best in the technology, especially open source. He says “Our students are using exactly same things, which is prescribed by CBSE board. Also they are able to understand the software rather than brand – eg: they know that there are various brands of spreadsheets or presentation software for that matter”.

“We were planning to migrate to Linux, but as everybody knows, it is very difficult to use Linux, without proper hand holding. Just then we came to know about Enjay Tiguin Linux, and since it is provided by Enjay and serviced here locally by their dealers M/s. Hem Infotech, we were very sure of the support that we will get. We are enjoying the benefits of Open source – No license cost, no Anti-Virus, very less administration and less maintenance.”

Partner Speak:

Mr. Purav Shah, Owner of Hem Infotech, the partner who implemented Enjay Tiguin Linux Solution in this school says “We have been working with Enjay since long, with Enjay Tiguin OS, we are able to offer best solution to our clients at best price and also get best margins for our company. Its a win win situation for all”

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