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Deal Locking Guidelines

Enjay is a Channel Company. We always work with partners to provide better service to our customers and end users. This deal locking facility is provided to partners in order to help them qualify the customers and close the orders faster.


  • After filling up the form, please arrange to have a conference call between your client and Enjay Pre-Sales Expert.
  • In this call, we will understand the needs of the customer and suggest exact solution that needs to be provided.
  • Please do not add people for the sake of locking. You as a partner should have initiated the sales process.
  • Deal locking is for a particular period, if you think that the closing of the order is going to take longer, please talk to our representatives.
  • Remember its a deal locking and not client locking.

We are open for any kind of suggestions that you may want to share with us. Always welcome.

Team Enjay.