Tiguin Linux Training Programs
Enjay Tiguin OS (A Linux variants which can run Tally on Linux and other windows software on Linux), has been picking up very encouragingly. Many of our customers also migrate from MS Office to King soft Office, (which is bundled along with Tiguin OS). Although we have created an environment where you don’t need to learn Linux to use Linux, We expect users to not require Linux Training. But lets accept it. the actual users of computers show resistance to the change and they have a valid reasons to do the same. Most of our customers have requested us to provide proper Tiguin Linux training, especially KingSoft Office Training to their users and admins.
We had one goal in our mind, INCREASE EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS [period]. We analysed the requirements of our initial Linux implementations and found that people want training not only for OS but for Office and email client as well. We have approached a company in Mumbai, who has been engaged in Professional Corporate Training of IT and Software. We had long rounds of discussions and deliberations with them, along with our Support, Sales and development team, so that we can share the pain areas of our customers. We wanted our training consultant to understand what our users felt and expected. The result is awesome. The focus was not to create a walk through of Menu items as done in any regular classes, but to create a series of engaging  sessions, which should increase efficiency. We are very glad to announce Tiguin Linux Training Program.

Here are some highlights:

  • 4 training sessions of 60/90 minutes each.
  • These training’s are available onsite in the premise of the customer. Trainings are held by professional corporate trainers.
  • It will be done after brief discussion with users to understand their level of IT usage and understanding. It is basically designed to “HELP MIGRATION”.
  • Currently this is available for Mumbai only,
  • We have a comprehensive “Training Partner Program” for appointing Tiguin Linux Training Partners across India and abroad.
  • Our regular Tiguin Partners and Tiguin Master Partners will sell these Training modules and the training will be done by Certified trainers.
  •  We will also provide email support till 90 days from the day of training.

The contents of Linux Training are as under:

Enjay Tiguin OS (60 Mins  Rs. 5,000/- one session)

  • Basic understanding of OS, its UI and main similarities and differences with Windows.
  • User Management.
  • Network configuration
  • OS Patch Management.
  • Installing Linux and windows apps.
  • Printer and other device Installation and sharing.
  • Sharing of Data files and folders across other PCs (Linux and windows)
  • Keyboard shortcuts and other utilities.

Kingsoft Writer (90 mins, Rs. 5,000/- one session)

  • Advantages of KingSoft Writer over Word
  • Maintaining compatibility & Security.
  • Common efficiency and time saving tips.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Common formatting and layout functions (like tables, Page layouts, fonts, paragraphs etc)
  • Printing and page setup tips.
  • Working in a team with Kingsoft Office.

Kingsoft Spreadsheet: (90 mins, Rs. 5,000/- one session)

  • Advantages of KingSoft Spreadsheet over Excel
  • Maintaining compatibility & Security.
  •  Common efficiency and time saving tips.
  •  Keyboard shortcuts.
  •  Formatting, layout, and UI tricks.
  •  Formula and database tricks like sort and filter, lookup etc.
  •  Pivot table and its use in common office work.

Thunderbird Email Client:(90 mins, Rs. 5,000/- one session)

  • Migrating your emails from Outlook to Thunderbird.
  • Understanding key differences and similarities.
  • Advantages of Mozilla Thunderbird over Outlook
  • Using search, quick filter, smart folders and rules.
  • Using Thunderbird calender.
  • Using email templates to increase efficiency.

 M/s. Competc from Mumbai represented by Mr. Yogesh Mhatre and Shirish Marathe has been appointed as First Tiguin Linux Training Partners for Enjay Tiguin, We heartily congratulate them.



  1. J A Bhavsar

    Is the Tally code re-written fro Linux or are you just enabling a Windows run-time environment?

    • Limesh Parekh

      Prof. Bhavsar Sir,

      We have just fine tuned Wine to be able to run Tally ERP 9 and other windows applications, flawlessly. Over above that what we specifically add to it is the support infrastructure that we provide for our clients and partners.

      We help people use Linux without need to learn Linux.

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