Where to use Enjay VLX


Killer Combo with Enjay Tiguin Linux

Enjay VLX pro is a low cost thin client solution and it works on RDP protocol. Enjay tiguin is a Linux Operating system which supports Tally, Office, Email etc. Use Enjay Tiguin Applicaiton Server, as a server and Enjay VLX pro as clients to maximise the savings. Save on Electricity, Save on space, Save on Software Licensing, save on Hardware cost.

A perfect complete end to end solution for small offices (of SMEs) which use Tally, office, Internet, Email as their standard requirements. Free yourself from Software Piracy.

When not to use Enjay VLX

    1. 2D / 3D Application

      Thin Client technology is not suitable for professionals like Artists, Architects and designers etc. Not only VLX but any Server based Thin client technology will fail in that scenario.

    1. Local Browser

      Recently more and more companies are choosing browser based ERP, Email and other office equipments. VLX does not have local browser. Go for other Enjay Thin Client Models

    1. Customisation

      The local operating system of VLX can not be Customised or Modified to include any custom applications. VLX is suitable for Small and Medium size server based computing only.

    1. Local Printer

      Enjay VLX does not support Local printers attached to it, however it can support printer connected on Server or Network printers. But local printer cannot be connected on Thin Client device.

    1. Large Monitors

      VLX supports resolution upto 1920 x 1080. Large monitors with very high resolution, not suitable for this technology. Hence this technology not suitbale for Artists, designers and Architects

    What Customer's Say. . .

    Amazing Hardware Configuration

    • CPU : Dual Core 1.2G

    • Memory : 512MB

    • DOM : 2GB

    • Ports : 4USB, Audio & VGA, 1HDMI

    • LAN : 10/100MBPS on Motherboard

    • Power Supply : 5V2A( adapter based power supply)

    • RDP/Windows Servers : Win, 2K, 2K3, 2K8, Server.

    • Resolution Supported : 1920 x 1080

    • 4 Watt MAX

    • Linux Servers : All Desktop OS which has Gnome

    (Note: Hardware configuration may change without Notice, Please contact Enjay Support for availability)