Enhira softwares is using Enjay Tiguin LinuxMumbai based Enhira Softwares Pvt Ltd is A leading service provider of offshore imaging, data processing and software development services, providing low cost data processing services to service bureaus in USA for whom they  process different types of documents like HCFA -1500, UB92, ADA, Survey forms, Invoices, Freight, Freight Bills, Club membership forms, legal documents etc. They Process over 125,000 documents in a day including 80,000 claims. Enhira softwares is using Enjay Tiguin Linux to run their Desktops.

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Enhira has more than 60 computers, and they are running Enjay Tiguin on their desktops. Their accounts team is using Tally ERP 9, and king soft office, Email and internet applications. Printers are connected. They are using 10 Tiguin desktops, and 1 Tiguin application server (TAS). Multi user Tally ERP 9 is installed on TAS, and all 10 users access the server using RDP clients on Tiguin Desktop.

Solution Highlights:

  1. 1 Tiguin Application server is accessed by 10 Tiguin Desktop users, using RDP protocol to run tally ERP 9 from server.
  2. They also use desktop virtualisation for 2 desktops in their organisation.
  3. Before the Tiguin solution, Tally was being used in peer-to-peer mode, now since its in server based mode, the performance is very impressive.

Client Speak

Mr. Narendra Hiranandani, MD of Enhira Softwares Pvt Ltd, says “We were looking for some low cost alternative to costly software licensing, just then we came to know about Enjay’s solution, thru one friend. Though we had some initial teething problems, in understanding the solution, but Enjay’s team and their Local partners have been very friendly and helpful to help us out in all the cases. Now everything is running smoothly”.

“The main benefit that we see in this solution that it is quite stable and more importantly its very economical. Though the environment is little new to the users, but that is only for first 30 minutes. Its also very good that Enjay has launched Trainiing programs for end users and admins. We would definitely recommend companies like ours to visualise Enjay Tiguin as an alternative to piracy. When we can be complaint and legal in such a low cost, its a huge advantage for any SME. We are planning to migrate rest of 50 desktops to Tiguin soon” Adds Mr. Hiranandani.

Partner Speak:

M/s. Crest Integrators Pvt Ltd , Enjay’s Master Tiguin Partner in Mumbai had done the implementation. Mr. Mahendra Dahisaria, representing Crest Integrators says “When we came to know about Master Tiguin partner program from Enjay, we immediately opted for the same, We somehow knew that this can be biggest opportunity in IT as of now. Its a good experience working with Team Enjay, they not only develop innovative solutions, but also provide very good sales / pre-sales / post sales and technical support”

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