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Enjay Synapse Mini CTI Integration with CRM, Solution Highlights 


Telephony Features

  • Support 4/8 PSTN Lines (or PRI), expandable.

  • Supports any standard GSM / PSTN Gateway

  • 100 SIP/IP Extensions. Analog extensions using ATA

  • Basic, Multilevel & programable IVR (DB Lookup Possible)

  • Centralised Call Recording in standard format

  • Browser based UI for Easy management

  • Prebuilt reports, can be customised and scheduled

  • Website "Call Me Now" Feature integration

  • Live dashboard for monitoring calls.

  • Block List for incoming / outgoing numbers

  • All basic features of IPPBX like Call forwarding, conference, Music on Hold,

  • Optional backup Module for Disaster recovery and high availability

CRM Features

  • Built on Robust SugarCRM platform

  • Built in CRM cti Integration

  • Capture leads from Website form to CRM software directly

  • Complete Customer database with Accounts, Contacts Modules

  • Complete Sales and marketing management

  • Complete Customer Support Management

  • Team management using Tasks module

  • Advanced customisable automated workflows

  • Two Enjay Deduplication Addons Free

  • Optional Tally and SMS pro integration

  • Advanced Reporting tool with customisable and scheduled (email) reports

  • Enjay CRM SMS Addon Free (integrate SMS with your CRM)


Powered by Enjay Synapse OS, customised hardened Operating system

Enjay Synapse Mini is powered by Enjay Synapse OS, which is specifically designed for handling Telephony and CRM together in one box. Its a perfect complement for the specialised Hardware that Enjay Synapse Mini has. With optional Backup module, you can rest assure that your business continuity is guaranteed.


Small and power packed Hardware.

Synapse Mini is not actually "Mini" as the name suggest. It is powered packed with Intel Processor, 4 GB Ram and ultra fast SSD-Flash, which provides enough horse power for a team size of 5-15 people team with hundreds of customers. we have done good amount of load testing for it.