Does CRM increase your work loadDoes CRM increase your work? Actually no, but for uninitiated,  the question is very daunting. But its not true.

Consider following points and then we decide what is FACT:

  • Reduce duplication of work
    • CRM creates a central database of all customer information. other wise lots of duplication was done – everyone maintained his own database.
    • and believe me – all are not expert in organising data.
  • CRM is tailored and customised as per your business.
    • Its not other way around. You don’t run your business according to CRM system.
    • This myth of people is developed by using packaged software.
    • Remember – CRM is not a software – its a system – specifically designed and customised for your organisation.
  • Automatic notifications & Alerts
    • to your team, customers etc – this makes an impact on customer experience.
    • And, this comes at no extra efforts or costs.
  • Management by Exception
    • Exceptions are escalated automatically.
    • This becomes extremely crucial in service industry.
  • CRM process does not need to be lengthy.
    • if your sales process does not involve lead generation, you don’t need to use leads module – just by pass it and directly enter in next module.
    • Also most of the fields to be entered can be pre-determined and we can avoid typing.
  • Infact, if CRM system is implemented and used effectively – it leaves you with more time to interact with customers rather than doing administrative tasks.
  • you don’t need to be at desk to use CRM, now CRM is available on mobiles also.
  • Further, and most importantly.
    • Results of CRM are visible after 3 months.
    • and starting phase is little taxing, especially if you have been very bad @ process designing.
    • but believe me – after that time – you would be surprised – how you lived with out it.

Now ask again. does CRM increase your work

Definitely it does not, But one thing is clear, it takes time to get results from CRM.

Get CRM to work for you

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