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Convert any PC to a thin client, with Enjay Tornado OS, yes you can Convert any existing PC to thin client using this thin client software. Tornado OS is powerful Thin Client software that provides an intuitive user interface and most important is speed. Tornado is not heavy, it’s light-weight Thin Client operating system based on Linux which offers many features not found in traditional Thin Clients. Enjay Tornado OS, is the best Thin Client software. Operating System which can convert any existing PC into a powerful thin client

Get Enjay Tornado for your existing old PC

Don’t throw away your existing PCs, increase their life convert them into Thin Clients. Tornado OS can connect to any RDP server (Windows or Linux both). It can come on a flash disk, alternatively it can also be installed on existing old HDD also. Just Download the OS, buy license online, install, and your are done.

Installing Thin client software (Tornado OS) in 5 minutes

Enjay Tornado is very robust and easy to use at the same time. That is the reason we call it best thin client software to convert any PC to Thin client. We have created a small walk through of the OS, which will help you to understand its basics.

Tornado OS Walk through

One more innovative idea, till now everybody used to buy Thin Client to save money on Hardware, but now you can save money even on the software licensing, by using Enjay Tiguin OS, which can run windows software on Linux. More information on Tiguin OS can be found here.

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