CTI, IVRS, Voice Logger based on Asterisk
IVR (or ivrs), cti (computer telephony integration), voice logger, call recording and call detail report, for telemarketing, call centers, Support Teams
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Software integration
Click to call, call popup, etc. Telephony creates miracles when integrated with software. Synapse universal API integrates with any software
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EPABX Integration
No need to throw your old EPABX or telephone instruments. Synapse can talk to any EPABX using IP or PRI interface, helps to safeguard your investment.
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Expandable with add ons and integrations
Voice broadcast, Outward conference, Website/Mobile click to call, SugarCRM connector, the list is endless. Seriously scalable and expandable
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Efficient, expandable, economical and easy
Standard x86 architecture, Asterisk engine, Web UI and Indianised pricing, makes Synapse efficient, expandable, easy and economical
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Enjay Synapse server is asterisk based IP PBX Solution for SMB with Enterprise class features offering easiest computer telephony integration

Telephony and Software are two basic pillars of any modern business. But unfortunately they don’t talk to each other. Synapse is the missing link, which makes them talk with each other, smoothly, with the help of most advanced computer telephony integration.

Enjay Synapse server is IP PBX Solution, designed with Asterisk Engine, using standard x86 PC hardware for scalability and expandability. Enjay Synapse is a telephony solution which can talk to any epabx and at the same time talk to any software with its Universal API. Synapse API helps any software to talk to telephony in matter of few hours of programming.

Enjay synapse is ideal for small sales and support team due to its low cost of operation and simple UI. At the the same time its useful for medium to large call centers due its scalability and reliability. Readymade integration with SugarCRM makes it very useful for sales / support team out fo the box.

It expands business reach with website click to call or a mobile app for click to call, where as its features like CTI, IVRS, voice recording, VOIP support etc provide standard IP PBX features. Enjay synapse is expandable with lots of modules and add-ons available.

Computer Telephony Integration with Enjay Synapse

Software Integration

Synapse Universal API, powerful and flexible enough to integrate with any software on any platform in matter of hours. Training, Sample code and guidance by Enjay

EPABX Integration

Enjay Synapse can talk to any EPABX with PRI or IP connectivity. Out of the box integration module and UI included in the product.

Full Fledged IPPBX

With all the features of any modern IP-PBX on a standard PC architecture makes synapse a efficient, expandable economical, and easy solution

Add on

Voice Broadcast, Outward Conference or Website and Mobile click to call modules make Synapse a value for money solution

Experienced Team

With hundreds of satisfied clients across India and abroad and over more than 21 verticals, performance of product and Enjay support are guaranteed.

Synapse Features, complete list

Technology Advantage

  • Scalable PC Arch
  • Backup for DR
  • Branch Connectivity
  • Multiple Codec Support
  • Multi protocol support

Integration features

  • SugarCRM Connector
  • Universal API
  • EPABX Integration
  • Advance Call Distribution
  • Advance IVRS

Advanced Reporting

  • Preset reports
  • Save Search
  • Custom Reports
  • Email Reports
  • Excel/PDF export

PBX Features

  • Calling Rules
  • Music on Hold
  • Multilevel IVR
  • Advance Call forwarding
  • Call Pickup

Call Recording

  • Internal & External
  • Std Compressed format
  • API integration
  • SMB Sharing
  • Easy Search

Call Management

  • Spy, Barge, Whisper
  • Ring Groups
  • Follow Me
  • Advance Call Forward
  • Group Call Pickup
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