SME CRM Success Tips #5 CRM is implemented and not installed.

Stop thinking if CRM as a software. It’s a culture. One of the prime reason for the failure of CRM is that people consider that it’s just like any other software which will be installed and their team will start … Read More

SME Sugar CRM Success Tips #4 Start with Business needs not CRM Features.

Its said that, “You can’t put cart before horse” but people don’t behave like that. When ever we change anything, we need to plan it. Atleast we should know exactly why we want to have that change. Then only we … Read More

SME Sugar CRM Success Tips #3 Your IT Head is not your CRM Admin

Many first timers think of CRM as just another software to be “installed” in their company. Since all the software are installed by their IT Head, they allocate this task to IT Head (or EDP or System Administrator or IT … Read More

SME SugarCRM Success Tips #2 Never hire new person (fresher) as CRM Incharge

For Successful implementation of CRM you need to have one CRM Admin in your organisation who will take ownership and get it implemented.  Many times I have seen that Small Businesses hire new person to implement and manage CRM in … Read More

SME SugarCRM Success Tips #1 – View CRM reports regularly.

After implementing CRM in more than 300 clients, we learned what is #1 challenge in implementing CRM. Bosses don’t see CRM reports daily. They might have millions of reasons for not doing this, but this is truth. They don’t see … Read More

18 ways to automate SugarCRM with SMS, with Enjay SMS Pro Add-on

In today’s world of Social Media and WhatsApp, Generally we consider SMS to be outdated. But the actual facts are little different. Even today SMS is considered most direct, personal, serious and authentic means of instant communication. Integrating SMS into … Read More

Enjay Launches EPABX with CRM in Mumbai

6th June, 2015. Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. launched Enjay Synapse Mini, which is an IPPBX with built in CRM. This launch event was organised in Mumbai on 6th June. This is first of its kind Solution in the market. Its a … Read More

Two CRM Presentations you will ever need

When it comes to CRM we have all the questions and queries in the world, So we have created Two CRM Presentations for you. The First presentation tries to answer the WHY ? It discusses whether you need CRM or not, … Read More

SugarCRM Reports that actually REPORT

For any SugarCRM programmer, it’s always a challenge to create SugarCRM reports that actually report. This is because most of the programmers are not exposed to best management practices and processes. Primarily they are programmers and not managers, whereas reports are required … Read More

CRM for service providers

Ask any System integrator, and he is always troubled with three problems – Service / Visit management optimisation, AMC/Warranty Management, Time/Cost analysis of Employees. The biggest problem being not able to ascertain profitability of any AMC or customer relationship. These … Read More