Case Study

Alakh Advertising Stores Large Graphics Files on Enjay NAS

Mumbai Based, Alakh Advertising is an Advertising company providing Outdoor Advertising services. They have huge graphic files meant for high resolution printing of Huge Hoardings and Banners. They need to store those files on Central Location for accessing them online

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Seven 7STAR Enjay Partners of the Month

As we have seven colours in rainbow and seven wonders in the world, Enjay also has 7 Solutions. Also, we believe that all our partners are not 5STAR, actually they are 7STAR Partners of Enjay providing 7STAR service for Enjay’s Solutions.

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Hiramani School Ahmedabad migrates to Linux

Hiramani School Ahmedabad is a fast growing and prominent school in Ahmedabad, established with the ideologies of Shri Narhari Amin, it has flourished to international level in span of 5 years. Starting from Nursery to High school both in Gujarati

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