India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets of Mobile users. Mobile Operators are seeing a huge increase in number of customers. who require prompt and timely service.
At the same time there is also competition in the market, which means that they have to take more care of their customers – otherwise they go away. Mobile Number portability, has only increased the competition to next level.

Most of Mobile operators have outsourced their Business Processes to small Call Centers across India – nothing is centralized. These call centers call the clients / prospective clients for 3 reasons:

  • Own Pre-paid base. (for converting them to Post Paid)
  • own Post Paid base (for upselling them with add-ons and top-ups)
  • Other Operators clients (for converting them using Number Portability).

Its very very surprising that most of these call centers use very primitive technology to manage the entire process. Most of them don’t use any kind of automated dialer, or CRM system to manage the things.

Most of the time it goes like this:

  1. Mobile Operator gives data weekly or Monthly, in excel file.
  2. Call Center people either get a print out or use that same excel.
  3. They use Mobile phones to call people (because Mobile operator has given them SIMs that have free calling! ! !)
  4. At the end of the week, they generate the report and then submit it to the Mobile Operator.
Good News is that Enjay has a complete Ready made (Plug and Play solution for the team sizes ranging from 10 to 500 people Call Center).
  • A telephony Solution. (A automated / Manual Dialer system). This solution can work on PRI / IP / GSM / FCT. (One good news, Mobile operators have started offering PRI lines 2 a very attractive pricing to their Call Center Operators).
  • A CRM Solution, which gives customer wise and agent wise reporting with fully automated business process. It also has ready made integration with the Excel formats that Mobile Vendors provide.
  • Enjay Thin Clients, which run on Linux and provide complete Interface for telephony as well as CRM. (No other equipment will be required.) Also since its Linux, it is 100% License free.
Business Advantages:
  • Increased productivity due to fully automated process.
  • Analytics and reporting in real time.
  • No Propitiatory License required (even for Desktops)

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