PRI Lines

There are many articles on Benefits of PRI Lines on Internet, But this article will help you understand the whole technology from a layman’s point of view. How can PRI lines benefit your business? Recently there have been changes in the market now PRI over SIP is also provided by PRI providers like TATA and […]

What is Thin Client

Thin Client Technology has been around for many decades now. In fact, the way Computer revolution started, we can say that it started with Thin Client Architecture. With a Central powerful Mainframe computer and dumb terminals which can be called a Thin client. But still, the question What is Thin Client?

Run Tally ERP 9 on Mac

Thinking to run Tally ERP 9 for Mac? Well, you are not alone. Tally is no doubt India’s uncontested leader in Accounting ERP Package for SMEs. On the other hand, more and more people are buying Apple Laptops. The problem is that Tally is for Windows, So how do you run Tally for Mac? Four […]

After Tally on Linux and Tally on Cloud success stories, now Tally Customization and Tally related other services from Enjay. You can count on Enjay for Tally Implementation, Training, Configuration, Customisation and most importantly Consultancy.  Tally is so simple that people often overlook its comprehensiveness. There are lots of functionalities in Tally that people miss out. […]

Enjay Tiguin Linux OS converts your server to a secured Private Cloud for Tally ERP, which can be accessed  from anywhere in world Do you have multiple branches or your team members accessing tally ERP9 from outside your office, don’t just put a Windows server with RDP, It has a very high risks, part from […]

  Mumbai, India. February 15, 2016 Enjay IT Solutions Ltd. expands its operations in Mumbai. Starting Mumbai branch as a strategic move to expand into Western region and as a first step to expand to entire India. Enjay IT Solutions Ltd, the developers of various innovative Business solutions like Enjay CRM, Telephony, Tiguin Linux OS, […]

CRM Tips

Many first timers think of CRM as just another software to be “installed” in their company. Since all the software are installed by their IT Head, they allocate this task to IT Head (or EDP or System Administrator or IT Manager or any other designation they might call it). This is perfect recipe for failure. […]