Apex Actsoft  is a Master Tally Partner. They provide Sales, support & Customisation for Tally. Based in mumbai and having clients and partners across other parts of India also. Apex migrated their entire Sales team to Enjay Tiguin OS environment.

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Setup Details

Initially they were using Windows 2008 server, and all the clients login to it using RDP. They typically use office suite, email client, internet, some remote admin tools (to show demo to clients) and of course Tally. The users used to connect to this RDP server using Thin Clients of various brands (including some from Enjay).

Client Speak

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.54.01 pmMr. Sachin Dhuri, who is System Administrator in Apex says “We have deployed Enjay Thinclient, Enjay NASPRO , Enjay Tiguin. All 10 people of Sales Team are using Tiguin Applicatoin server using Enjay Thin client using RDP. We are in process of deploying Enjay CRM“.

Regarding the process of migration, Dhuri explains “Before going for Tiguin OS we were using Windows 2008 server. When it came for deciding additional server with other OS platform i.e. Linux base we came to know about Tiguin. We tested it first and found it is faster than the prior OS when we installed it on relatively older configuration server & hence we chose to continue the same.”

When asked what are benefits, Sachin adds “Buying Enjay products are really value for Money. All Enjay products are installed in Apex are from perspective that it should improve the efficiency, performance & in turn save direct as well as indirect cost.”

Challenges Faced & solved

Mr. Dhuri added “There were almost no challenges while deploying Enjay Thinclient & NASPRO but yes while deploying Enjay Tiguin we faced few challenges as initially user mindset was not ready. After talking to all users we could able to make their mind set ready for accepting the change.” However “Enjay gives ticket based support and it’s professional a good support with good people.”

he can be contacted at ithelpdesk[at]apexactsoft.com


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