About Us

Who we are

Enjay is Technology Company helping small business grow big and big business grow bigger. Enjay is known for their E-nnovative solutions offerings for Indian SME market. Enjay offers Smart Enterprise class Storage, Telephony, Linux on Desktop , Cloud, Desktop Monitoring solutions. All solutions are developed in house by Enjay, hence anything and everything can be customised according to your business requirement - in a very short time and at a very reasonable cost.

Reduce hardware cost and software Licensing costs, with help of Thin Client technology and Operating system solutions.

Increase employee efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with the help of innovative CRM, Telephony and employee monitoring solutions.

Enjay History

  • Enjay started its journey as Enjay Computer Consultancy - way back in 1994/95, providing services like Assembly of Hardware, Maintenance, peripherals etc. It was started by 3 idiots, Limesh, Chaitanya & Siddheshwar Parekh (3 brothers). Infact name Enjay comes from first initials of Narendra & Jyotsna - Parents of these 3 idiots.

  • Then in 1997/98, it was converted to Enjay Network Solutions, and the focus shifted from hardware to Networking, Linux etc. In 1998, Enjay launched remote booting of Windows 95 (running win95 without HDD, remember HDD was very costly then), which was quite revolutionary at that time. But there was a limitation to this solution, it could not be sold thru a reseller, it was a kind of consultancy.

  • In 2003/04, Enjay Thin Client card was released. The Model was scalable. At that time Thin Client was very very new concept, and acceptance was very low. but slowly business grew, and Enjay became to be know as Thin Client "Card Wala". by end of 2009, Enjay had dealers across India. The Team size grew from 4 to 13.

  • In 2009/10, Enjay started R & D on Telephony & CRM, which were then launched in 2011/12, and by 2013 - that solution became very unique and useful. Enjay also launched Storage Solutions & employee monitoring. These solutions positioned Enjay as a preferred solution provider for Small Businesses. The team size grew from 14 to 70.

  • In all these years, two things did not change, and that was Ennovation & love for Open Source. that is the reason all the solutions by Enjay are based on Open Source only, almost all of them are very innovative.