Monthly Archives: April 2015

Tally on Cloud, Total Cost of ownership

Is Tally on Cloud costly ? how does if compare with the conventional computing model of on premise Tally Server. This question has been asked again and again. We tried to help by trying to compare costing for 3 different … Read More

Five questions before you put Tally on Cloud

Tally on cloud. Is it feasible ? 100 years back, people were not ready to keep their money in Banks. Why ? because they thought that it is always safe to keep our money with ourselves. But, today, everybody prefers to … Read More

Enjay Launches Tally on Cloud for Indian Market

Gujarat based Enjay IT Solutions Ltd, has launched Tally on Cloud for Indian Market, first of its kind to be released on large scale and to be powered by Enjay Tiguin Linux OS which is thoroughly tested in Tally Environment. … Read More

The Cricket Club of India uses Enjay Tiguin to save on Licensing Costs

  The Cricket Club of India (CCI) is a private club incorporated on 8th November, 1933, with an objective to promote cricket and other sports in the country. Its contributions to sports and cricket in particular, have given it a … Read More

11 Reasons to choose Enjay Tiguin Linux over other Linux Distributions

There are many free Linux Distributions, then why you should choose Enjay Tiguin Linux and pay subscription fees, here Reasons to choose Enjay Tiguin Linux. if you implement it on your own, you will end up spending time and energy. … Read More