Monthly Archives: January 2014

Run windows software on Linux, basics

Applications designed on Windows platform (e.g.: or obviously require Windows Operating System, which increases their cost to the End user.  Now the end user has to pay for the application as well as the Operating System also. It … Read More

Linux Myths

Although Linux has been around for many many years now, but still there are lots of doubts & Myths about Linux. We need to understand Linux myths in detail. Also, these same are reasons as well as cause for limited popularity of … Read More

why linux is not used more widely

We all know that Linux is a very robust Operating system, but still its not popular. Question is why linux is not used more widely ? Many people know about Linux, they also praise Linux, but they don’t want to use … Read More

What Enjay Linux Desktop provides

After my previous post on Myths about Linux, next very obvious and expected post is what is solution for that – i.e. how do go ahead with Linux implementation. Is Linux Desktop for you ? Can you use it for … Read More

EVB & its fantastic reporting – some innovative concepts

Enjay Voice Broadcast is a unique solution  which can help you reach thousands of people in a very short time – in your own voice and that too on their mobile / land line directly. What EVB is not:  Voice … Read More

IP phones for asterisk based Enjay Synapse

Enjay Synapse is a asterisk based IPPBX solution, which provides IVR, CTI, IVRS, call recording which can be used for telemarketing, a perfect call centre software solution. Many times dealers and clients ask us whether to use IP phone or … Read More

Solving HR Problems small IT Service Providers.

One of the biggest challenge that small IT Service providers face – is of HR (Human Resource). Its more alarming, because Human Resource, is the most important resource in IT Service business, as compared to any other resource. – Without proper team around … Read More

Why CRM should not have Inventory Management

Many times customers for EnjayCRM ask us – why cant we integrate inventory into CRM system, after all CRM is about maintaining relationships of customers and inventory is sold to customers – so they are related. But there is serious … Read More

CRM for IT Service Providers

First question first – is CRM required for I.T. Service Providers ? Because they have some serious excuses against it, like: Our staff is not that literate to make entries. We wont be able to convince them to make entries. … Read More

Enjay CRM + Mobile + Telephony integration 360 degree view

Generally we use CRM so that we get a full view of our relationship and activities with customers and our teams. However most of the communication happens on telephone and mobile – and sadly this data is not showing up in … Read More