Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tips for Migrating to Linux

Enjay Tiguin is an Linux based OS available in two variants – Enjay Tiguin Desktop – for individual desktops, and Enjay Tiguin app Server, which can be used as Terminal Server, Here are few tips for Migrating to Linux. Before … Read More

Does CRM increase your work?

The most common question or myth that people have before migrating to Linux is that, we don’t have enough man power to do data-entry. We need to ask ourselves does CRM increase your work ? I think No.  Consider following points … Read More

Benefits of Quizzing and Lesson of Life

  Last evening had a privilege of attending Brain Ninja organised by Rotary Club of Rotary Vapi RiverSide (rvr). It was a wonderful experience, after a long long period. After certain age, we start observing things differently, I had never … Read More