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Tally on Linux

Tally is Accounting Package, which is life line of more than 90% of SME in India. SMEs are always short of budget for costly licensed Operating system and suite, hence they keep on looking for Free Open Source. For everything … Read More

What is CTI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the most mis-understood concept in the world of telephony. Moreover the software and its applications have changed drastically in last two decades, but unfortunately the concept of CTI has not changed. Its high time, that … Read More

Thinking beyond Asterisk – Enjay Synapse

Why Customer are generally not very comfortable with Open Source solutions like Asterisk ? Even Many times System Integrators who provide solutions based on Open Source are also not comfortable ? Its undoubted that Asterisk and other Open Source Solutions … Read More

crm implementation best practices part 1 – Two Approaches.

This is first article in the series of “CRM implementation best practices”. When a Small Company (or typically a startup) thinks on implementing CRM (or any kind of business automation system), there is always a dilemma – where to start with? Once the … Read More

Why Linux is not popular amongst IT Dealers

Most of the IT dealers and System Integrators agree (mostly privately) that Linux is a Great Operating system. But still many few offer Linux based services and solutions to their customers. Even those who offer solutions, most of the solutions are … Read More

5 reasons why Linux is not popular in SME in India

In this article, I will try to list out 5 reasons Linux is not popular in SME in India. Everybody agrees that Linux is very reliable and robust Operating system, but still we find that it is very less popular in India, … Read More

How a predictive dialer works

This article is for people who are setting up a new contact centre for their Sales / Support teams. In this article we try to understand How Predictive Auto Dialling works, and whether it is actually suitable for your setup … Read More

Enjay brings Free Backup Software for SME

Your business runs on data and you need to protect your data to protect your business. Yes, I do agree that you may have all RAID and USB drive and NAS where you can take backup. Here question is are … Read More