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Tally Cloud Planner, helps you to calculate which Cloud Plan you should go ahead with. Enjay Cloud for Tally is powered by Enjay Tiguin Linux Cloud OS. Estimating the resource requirement for your Tally is a little complicated matter. Our Experts can help you with making perfect choice and implementing Tally on Cloud correctly.

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There are lots of things to consider while deciding the right kind of infrastructure for Tally Server. Also things get more complicated because there is a big confusion regarding size of Tally data. Most people think that amount of disk occupied by 'data' folder in tally is correct parameter for load detection, but it is not. 

The amount of CPU and RAM resources Tally will require depends on many things like, companies being loaded concurrently, Number of Vouchers in the loaded companies. Amount of concurrent users, Type of activity done by those users, Inventory modules being used, Payroll or Cost Centres being used, etc. AND, don't miss the ever ignored network infrastructure & Usage pattern of the users. 

Here is a link to presentation which explains various parameters which determine the capacity planning for any Tally Server Configuration.