SugarCRM SMS Addon


A better way to stay connected with your contacts. Send custom SMS messages to one or more people at once right from within SugarCRM. Create tailored messages to improve engagement.


Better Relationships through Better Communication

SugarCRM SMS Addon Sends SMS messages directly from any record in modules such as Account, Case, Contact, Lead and Opportunity. You just need to open that particular record, then click on Send SMS button and select desire template from drop down which are you already created in SMS template module. You can also send multiple SMS at once right from the list view.


  • SugarCRM SMS Addon works with any SMS Gateway.
  • Easy to configure for each user who uses it.
  • SMS templates make it easy to create for any module.
  • Include any field value within your SMS templates.

SugarCRM SMS Addon

  • Automated process to store SMS logs into CRM.
  • User can see SMS logs in SugarCRM with details of text to be sent, sending date & time, destination mobile number, and customer name.
  • Group SMS can sent right from the list views of the Lead, Contact, Account, Cases, Opportunity modules.

SugarCRM SMS Addon

  • Send generic SMS,Greeting SMS or custom template to all recipient on the list view.
  • Field engineer/technician can be notified of assigned support cases using “Case Register SMS”
  • Send an SMS to a customer directly upon an update to their support case.
  • Send out SMS to Field Sales staff on the move so they can contact the client quickly.
  • Easy to achieve greater operational efficiencies ,communicate directly to targeted audience.

SugarCRM SMS Addon

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SugarCRM SMS Addon Configuration

How SugarCRM SMS Addon Works ?

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