SugarCRM Deduplication Analysis


Search duplicates & ensure data quality by merging/removing duplicates on names, numbers, email ids from contact, lead, or account lists.


SugarCRM Deduplication Analysis – Search for duplicates on names, phone numbers, or email address right from your contact, lead, or account lists. Ensure data quality by then merging or removing duplicates.

Cleaner Data = Better Decisions

Duplicate data leads to confusion both within your company and with your potential clients. Keep things in line by searching the contact, account or lead lists for an duplicate records based on email address, name and/or phone number.

Merge in a Single Step

After finding any duplicates you can then either merge or delete any duplicates that were found.


  • Searches for duplicates on Contacts , Leads and Accounts.
  • Detects duplicates on name in Contacts and Leads based on similar sounds.
  • Delete or merge duplicates.
  • A clean, duplicate-free CRM.
  • Option Duplicate Analysis Report via a Scheduler

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Configuration and Activation


How it Works ?

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