SugarCRM Asterisk Connector 6.5.X to 6.7.11


Best SugarCRM Asterisk Integration, including click to call, call popup, call recording, works with any version of Sugar and any version of Asterisk


SugarCRM is most popular opensource CRM software in the world, and it gives complete view of Customer related activities. Except telephony. SugarCRM Asterisk Connector for SugarCRM provides that missing link. It integrates with any version of SugarCRM any edition.

Enjay Synapse Connector for SugarCRM provides that missing link. It integrates with any version of SugarCRM any edition.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Call Popup on incoming calls, allowing you to do multiple actions – like open contact, edit call details, or display information only. It checks Caller ID of the calling person against Contact, Accounts and Lead Modules.
  • Click to Call from Contact, Accounts and Leads module.
  • Complete call logs with automatic relations on leads / contacts module and automatic user assignment.
  • Ready made installer, easy to install – using standard SugarCRM plugin mechanism.
  • Can work with any version any edition of SugarCRM.
  • Allows you to configure Synapse Server settings and User extension settings thru admin panel of SugarCRM.
  • Faclity to link to recording files of each and every recordings.
  • Works in all environment. eg: Hosted CRM & Local Synapse can also use this Addon.

Benefits of SugarCRM Asterisk Connector

  • Call related to contact, are automatically related to account also.
  • If extension is not registered/available, it will show the error.
  • Can work with multiple Enjay Synapse Servers (eg: multiple branches use one CRM)

Asterisk with Sugar CRM

  • This Connector works with regular Asterisk (1.6) with Sugar CRM (5.x & 6.x) all editions
  • Call recording not available
  • Offline syncing not available

Note: this connector is not for Sugar On Demand, we can implement this connector for SugarOnDemand on request.

We also offer customization services along with professional installation Services. Support add-on Pack available on yearly basis.

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