Freshdesk SugarCRM Connector


Freshdesk is a fantastic tool with features like support portal for clients. Freshdesk SugarCRM Connector leverages the power of SugarCRM & Freshdesk.


Let your teams use the best tools for their job. Freshdesk is a fantastic support tool which includes many features such as a support portal for your clients. SugarCRM is great for sales. Freshdesk SugarCRM Connector integration makes it possible to harness the power of both at the same time.

Why You Need This

When you are using a support system and a separate CRM it quickly becomes a struggle for the Sales team to keep tabs on things. For example to see the status of their lead’s support requests. The challenge is that your support cases exist only in Freshdesk.

Without a seamless integration the only solution is to have your support and sales teams manually enter all Freshdesk tickets into SugarCRM as well. This is a huge headache and a time consuming process that requires a significant amount of manual effort.

The Info We Sync

With the Freshdesk – SugarCRM integration, your contacts, accounts, support tickets, replies, and notes move between your help desk and your CRM seamlessly. Freshdesk is the perfect tool for your customer support, SugarCRM is awesome for the sales team, and this integration allows both teams to use what is best for them.

Easy to Set Up

We walk you through the most common needs for moving data back and forth between Freshdesk and SugarCRM.


Freshdesk Ticket to Sugar Case

  • Whenever a ticket is created on Freshdesk it generates a case on Sugarcrm.
  • All Case details eg : subject,description,priority,type,status and product info is sent to sugar.
  • Any attachments on ticket are send as attachment links on case description.

Freshdesk Ticket Contact and Account to Sugar Contact Ticket and Account

  • When a ticket is created , we check the email address of the user who registered the ticket and it that contact don’t exists,we create a new one.
  • If the Freshdesk Contact have an account,even that account is created on Sugar.

Freshdesk Ticket Replies to Sugar Case

  • When a ticket is responded with either the reply or note on Freshdesk, it creates a Note on Sugar and also relates it to proper Case.
  • Any attachments on reply are send as attachment links on note description.

Sugar Note to Freshdesk Reply

  • If a note is created either from cases subpanel or from notes module in Sugar , it will create a reply on Freshdesk.
  • Also posts the attachments from notes to Freshdesk Reply of respective Ticket.
  • Perfect relationship between Contact,Account, Case & Notes.
  • The Case in Sugar will have its related Contact , Account & Notes(Freshdesk Replies).
  • All cases registered by a particular Account & Contact will also be seen in its respective Cases Subpanel.
  • All replies of a ticket/case will also be seen on Cases subpanel.

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