• Speed & Ease

    Boots up in less than 40 seconds, Minimalistic and intuitive User Interface for Zero Training and idiot proofing.

  • Manageability

    Online/offline Patch Management, Control USB Ports, Error Logs reporting for easy troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • Servers/protocols

    RDP, Remote FX, XDMCP, PN Agent, VNC, REXEC, PPTP VPN & SAP Client

  • Local Apps

    Firefox / Chrome Browsers, office Suite, PDF Reader, Multimedia Player, Softphone for VOIP,

  • Networking

    CDMA/3G Dongles, USB wifi, Lan, Dialup networking, dual IP for connecting to two servers and failover management

  • Customisation

    Any other Java / Native Linux based app, or Custom Browser extentions can be embedded on request. (Optional)

  • Virtualisation

    Citrix Receiver, VWWare View Client, 2X Client, NX Client, Ericom Blaze etc.,

  • Device Support

    Most of Parallel, USB printers and scanners supported. Server/Client based Printing & Sharing

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