Mobile CRM App that can change your Business.

#1 tool to increase your CRM adoption and effectiveness. Empower your employees with right information anytime anywhere and reduced Data Entry. Fully customisable, Native, super responsive Mobile App for your SuiteCRM.

Automatic Call/SMS/Email Logging | Geo Location Tracking  | Dashboard & Notifications.

Mobile CRM is a must-have tool for your Business

Empower your employees with instant information, instant reporting, and instant tracking.

Track you Sales and service process. Almost Zero data entry. 

Perfect Mobile CRM for your Business.

Calls/SMS/Emails are main communication medium for your Business. Enjay Latitude logs all of them automatically. Relationship analysis is possible only if you have proper interaction data. 

Nobody loves data entry. Here is a CRM that makes data entry automatically. 

Individual and Team dashboard makes sure that you never miss any followup and allows you to follow up with your team easily. 

Enjay Latitude - Mobile CRM

One Mobile CRM App, useful for All.

Enjay Latitude Mobile CRM App is useful for every kind of activity and all departments. Right from Marketing, Sales, Service Executives, to Team leaders, Managers, and Bosses.  

Enjay Latitude increases productivity, Definitely!

Enjay Latitude definitely increases productivity and efficiency of the person. Various innovative technology and concepts help you to be always ahead of your competition. 

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