Indian CRM for Indian Business

Manage Marketing, Sales, and Service with Cloud CRM and Mobile App. Track your employees, Sales and Service Process. Lead management, Sales Management.

Integrated Mobile app with Auto-Logging Features (Logs Calls/SMS automatically and Meetings with two clicks).   

Hosted and Onsite CRM for Indian SMEs

Markets in India are growing and maturing. Market size as well as competition, both are growing. Everybody is becoming more and more aware about  "CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE". CRM is answer for many of our challenges, if not all. 

But Indian business needs CRM that is Minimal (entry wise) and Comprehensive (functionality wise) both, at the same time. We want maximum reporting and analysis with minimum entry and effort. Enjay CRM has successfully attempted to achieve that with hundreds of successful client implementations.

We took regular SugarCRM Community Edition and developed lots of Indian functionality around it. We made it talk to your website, telephony, mobile, Customers, Suppliers, Team members and management, thus giving full value for money.

Introduction to Platform

What can Enjay CRM do for your Business?

Enjay CRM is Industry agnostic. More than 350 Customers from 22 different Industries and nine different companies use it. With more than 90% customers in India, we are India focused, for sure. 


Different CRM for Different Businesses

Enjay CRM comes in three variants or plans. (a) Alpha (b) Delta and (c) Omega. We have taken lots of effort to understand the customer usage and designed variants in an optimum way so that you get exactly what you need. 

Mobile app and 360 Degree Tracking:

Mobile App and 360-degree tracking of Customers and all the interactions with them are available in all the variants. Mobile Dashboards and real-time notifications always keep you updated so that you never miss anything that is important. 

Innovative followup Mechanism:

Fortune is in the followup, Enjay CRM makes sure that you never miss any followup by always giving you timely notifications and showing you important and urgent matters on your Mobile & Web Dashboard and Email Notifications.  

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What Customer's Say

Most important thing in buying CRM is about Support for Software and handholding in Implementation. We have to say only one thing for this. We have put all the customers in one WhatsApp group. We can only do that if we are extremely confident of our Service and support. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our Customers have to say. 


Vikram Sheth, CEO Software @ works Pvt Ltd. 

Leading Tally ERP Partner of India

Gunjan Shah, Director, Insight Business Machines

Leading System Integrator of India

Punit Thakkar, CEO, Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt Ltd.

India's largest Google Partner

Why Enjay?

Many times in India, people ask us, what is different between Enjay & other CRM providers of the world.  Well, We have an Indian CRM solution for Indian Businesses. All of other CRM vendors are either American or have their primary market focus on US/EU market. Whereas, 90% of our revenue comes from the Indian market.

We are committed to making Enjay CRM #1 in India.