Hosted and Onsite CRM for Indian SMEs

Markets in India are growing and maturing. Market size as well as competition, both are growing. Everybody is becoming more and more aware about  "CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE". CRM is answer for many of our challenges, if not all. 

But Indian business needs CRM that is Minimal (entry wise) and Comprehensive (functionality wise) both, at the same time. We want maximum reporting and analysis with minimum entry and effort. Enjay CRM has successfully attempted to achieve that with hundreds of successful client implementations.

We took regular SugarCRM Community Edition and developed lots of Indian functionality around it. We made it talk to your website, telephony, mobile, Customers, Suppliers, Team members and management, thus giving full value for money.

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Type words

Enjay CRM is most comprehensive, and yet Minimal

  • Accounts

  • Contacts

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Quotations

  • Products

  • Contracts

  • RMA

  • Support Case

  • Bugs

  • Documents

  • Notes

  • Tasks

  • Visits

  • Meetings

  • Calls

  • De-duplication

  • CRM Activity

  • Targets

  • Projects

  • Project Checklists

  • Users

  • Teams

  • Roles

  • Website integration

  • SMS Integration

  • Email Integration

  • Telephony Integration

  • Escalations

  • Notifications

  • Alerts

  • Time & Cost analysis

What Customer's Say. . .

We can sweeten your SugarCRM for you.

Enjay has developed various ready to use SugarCRM add-ons and connectors, making sugarCRM more and more useful for its users. Right from Industry leading De-duplication tool to integration with Industry standard Asterisk (or compatible) IPPBX.

Apart from addons shown in the presentation, we can also do custom development for you. Our experienced and professional development and engineering team can complete tasks in time, as per timeline and schedule decided. 

We also provide other SugarCRM related services like hosting, migration of data, Data Quality Management, Data entry services, Configuration of SugarCRM with reference to teams, roles, security, fields, modules, integrations etc.